Image courtesy of Emily Rose

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Encompassing both Digital and Film formats my work covers a range of genres, with a specific focus on Portraiture. Photography is a medium that enables us to capture and record not only the visible, but the emotional and psychological. I seek to explore and capture this element within each person; so that we, as viewers, can connect to the subject on multiple levels, and garner a deeper understanding of these individuals, through their portrayal in the lens.

It is my belief that the needs of each client are individual and unique, and as such, I treat every client as if they were my only concern. It is this attention to detail, and the needs of each specific individual, that gives each client a specialised and exciting experience.

The Tools

Whilst I primarily shoot using Canon cameras, I don't subscribe to a specific genre of equipment. I believe that the perfect camera for the job is the one that lets you create the image you're seeking. I am proficient in both Canon and Nikon digital cameras, as well as a wide range of 35mm and Medium Format Film cameras, and Polaroid Instant cameras.

Awards & Achievements

Primary Photographic Contributor & Cover of the AFDA Gazette, 2013

Blur Magazine Issue 43, Gallery 24 Photographic Contributor, 2015

Recruited to RAW Artists, 2015

Featured in Fire & Ice Magazine, Interview with Toni Lyons, 2015

Solo Exhibition : 'Gaze' at Fremantle Art Space, 2016