Mystery Shoot Challenge: Explanation and Combination #1

The Goal

The Goal of this project is to produce 12 unique photo-shoots through a randomized selection constraints from 3 categories. The three categories are; Film/ Camera Type, Wardrobe/ Theme and Location. This may seem like a rather generic idea but the interesting part will be in seeing how creative I can be with the unexpected combinations.


Film / Camera Type

Cards from this category determine the restrictions on how the photo-shoot may be recorded. The cards include (but are not limited to) 35mm Film (Colour), 35mm Film (Black and White), Polaroid, Digital (50mm lens only) and Medium Format Film (120).

Wardrobe / Theme

These cards obviously determine the type of clothes (if any) or the overall theme of the shoot.
The cards include Food, Latex, Sunday Morning Routine, Retro-Sports and Marie Antoinette. Some are more general than others but all are open to interpretation.


While this category is the most straight forward, in combination with the other two categories it could result in some extremely interesting shoots. These cards include locations such as; Orchard, Trampoline, Supermarket, Moving Truck,  A vintage car and a supermarket.

Combination #1

After carefully sealing each each card in an envelope marked only with it's category name they were sorted into piles and, with my eyes closed, I shuffled and drew a single envelope from each deck.


Film / Camera Type is the first to be revealed. And turns out to be....... 35mm (Black and White)!

Now for the Wardrobe / Theme card. After much shuffling out comes the card labelled;

Okay. So two cards down, I'm already thinking classy high contrast black and white nudes with flowers obscuring the model's more intimate parts. Now the kicker. Location. I will admit at this stage I'm very apprehensive.  I wrote the cards after all. I know that some of the suggestions could make casting for this shoot rather challenging.

In an effort to metaphorically 'rip the band-aid off' and get it over with, I did a quick shuffle and out comes what I would consider possibly the most challenging card possible.

So the combination is thus;
Film / Camera Type: 35mm Black & White
Wardrobe / Theme:  Full Nude with Flowers
Location: Cemetery

This is going to be a challengng start.

Keep following this blog for updates on this shoot.