MSC #1 - Among the Stones


For those who have not been following this project from its inception, the following images are the results of randomly generated photography restrictions from three categories (Location, Wardrobe and Camera / Film Type).

The combination that was revealed for Among the Stones was;

Full Nude with Flowers
35mm Black and White Film

If you would like to read the full pre-production breakdown, my thoughts whilst planning the shoot and how I went about sourcing and selecting my creative team check out my previous article; Mystery Shoot #1: Among the Stones - Pre-Production

Among the Stones - Results

The photo shoot for Among the Stones commenced on the 3rd of March.  The first thing I had to do was to drive down super early to the local florist supplier and select my blossoms. I chose two types. Both white blooms but with one set close to a rose type, and the other these solid little white pom-poms.

Hair and Makeup by Charlotte began at 12pm sharp with our model 'Hearse Elf'. Spirits and energy, not to mention the humidity, were soaring. Even with the air conditioning on full it was a very warm day, however everyone proceeded with anticipation. When Caitlyn (my assistant) arrived, we went over duties and the Polaroids of the locations, whilst Hearse sat patiently and Charlotte worked her magic.

For the makeup we went for a ombre-styled eye and lip combination with strong contouring for maximum black and white effect. For hair, as you will see, we created long loose curls to take advantage of the breeze and give the hair some serious body. Once Charlotte had completed her work we set off to shoot.

Upon arriving at our chosen location, a set of mostly secluded areas of a largely quiet cemetery, and with Charlotte and Caitlyn on lookout duty we began. The camera's that I chose to use with my 2 rolls of Kodak Tri-X (a versatile 35mm Black & White Film) were my Pentax ME Super, with its 50mm f/2 lens, and my Nikon FE, with its 50mm f/1.8.

What emerged from the shoot (once the film rolls had been developed) was a strange story-like exploration of beauty and vulnerability within an unlikely setting. 'Hearse Elf' displays a wide range of emotions during her interaction with the camera. Ranging from distance to direct eye contact, solemnity to intimacy, strength to vulnerability.

*Please note that the following article contains both full and implied nudity*

Creative Credits

Hearse Elf
Insta: @hearse_elf

Hair & Makeup
Charlotte Finch - Tangled Beauty
Insta: @tangledbeauty.perth

Photographic Assistant
Caitlyn Martin - CM.Makeup
Insta: @_caitlynjm