April Creations

Easter Collaboration with Tiana and Bronwyn

The day before Easter I met up with Model Tiana Lee Campbell and makeup artist Brownyn Gillespie for an impromptu photo shoot. When i saw impromptu I mean that I literally was contacted a few days prior and we went into the shoot in the purest of collaborative spirits without a set aim or a specific theme we were chasing. Just three artists working together to make something beautiful.

Whilst makeup was being created in Bronwyn's work-space I took a little wander through the neighborhood and instantly feel in love with the bush-land at the end of the street. I immediately knew i wanted to pose Tiana in among the harsh foliage and take advantage of the myriad of colours and textures.

For this particular shoot I wanted to give the images a dreamy quality. To do so I boosted my White Balance to 7500 and opened my 50mm lens up to f/1.8.

Combined with the overcast evening sky and camera settings , Bronwyn's makeup gave Tiana's skin this perfect silky soft cinematic look.

You can view the full set of images from this shoot here.





Tiana Lee Campbell
Insta: @tianaleecampbell
Bookings: ti_ana_lee@hotmail.com

Bronwyn Gillespie
Insta: @bronwyngillespie1

Early Morning with Madison



On the 19th I caught up with Madison Green for an early morning Beach shoot. Other than our brief conversation prior to the shoot I'd never met or worked with Madison before. We were fortunate that the morning was quite warm for the time of year. Despite the overall temperature the waters were still quite cold however we braved the freezing sand and water to get some gorgeous images.

Madison was very responsive to directions and we were able to get a variety of images. From typical portfolio images (below), to more a glamorous style (right) and even something more emotional and dark (above). I'd like to see what we can create together in the future.