Sundown - May Mini-Shoot


So I've posted regarding these shoots before (see April Creations) but not outlined exactly what they are. Essentially a mini-shoot is any collaborative, on-location, photo-shoot that takes 1 hr or less.

Mini-shoots are a quick taste of what you would get for one of my private bookings, condensed down into a magical 60 minutes. I find that the reduced time frame (as compared to a more lengthy session) creates a unique atmosphere which promotes a truly creative exchange between myself and the model.

It encourages both the model and photographer to embrace and anticipate possible image opportunities, more so than in a studio as both the photographer and model are reacting to the environment as well as each other. It also fosters a more flexible attitude as regardless of previous discussions on posing or images, it requires you to adapt to whatever conditions are available as opposed to waiting it out for the "perfect" lighting or weather.

Most of my mini-shoots are organised at the drop of a hat, during windows of free time among my professional bookings.

Below you will find the collaboration between Perth model Caitlin and myself.  Set on my favourite rooftop (which you will no-doubt recognise from previous shoots), we had to embrace conditions that included strong wind and light that was fading much faster than expected. In total from start to finish our shoot lasted 35 minutes. I feel that we really captured several aspects of Caitlin's personality.

This is what we created.