Jessie VS The EE100

After recently acquiring a EE100 Special Polaroid camera, I have been experimenting with peel-apart instant film (namely Fujifilm's discontinued FP-100C stock).

Jessie Ruby Appleyard

Jessie is a Perth Makeup Artist and freelance Model who I met some months prior at an exhibition and runway event for local artists (RAW Perth - Google it). I was immediately taken in by Jessie's friendly and approachable manner, and after snapping a quick Polaroid for my 365 Day project, knew that I definitely wanted to do a real shoot with her. Luckily it wasn't an entire eternity before my wish came true. Jessie was kind enough to open up her home to me for an afternoon and we were able to play around and capture some great images that I feel cover a range of personal and professional expressions.

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