1st Quarter Highlights Pt. 1

As we pass the first quarter of the year and move into the second,  I wanted to look back on what we've achieved as well as release some unseen film images and announce some exciting developments for April and beyond.

Unreleased Film Stills

Despite shooting an almost excessive amount of film stills between January and March, much of it went unreleased due to my focus on my main projects, namely 365 Days of Polaroid and the Mystery Shoot Challenge, and commercial work.

Amy Parin

In early January i met up with the bubbly Amy Parin from Raised in Glitter for what would be the first of several shoots featuring a mixture of summer vibes, salt, and swimsuits. Amy's enthusiasm and laughter are equally infectious, to the point where we began making plans for a second shoot prior to finishing the first.

The hardest thing about working with Amy, is not over-shooting. Her smile and easy confidence make capturing images so easy that you can wind up with many more than anticipated to sort through in post-production.

The images from our first shoot below;

Following on the heels of the first shoot. My second shoot with Amy featured a similar theme but a more stark background during the urban section. Make sure to scroll right through to the end to see all the images.

Amy's Credits
Web: www.raisedinglitter.co/amy
Bookings: agency@raisedinglitter.co

Lola Sisinni

Despite being organised separately it turned out that Lola and Amy were actually incredibly close friends. Weird quirks of the creative community in Perth. As you will see there is something very direct, bordering on sensual in Lola's gaze.

Lola's Credits
Bookings: lola_sisinni@hotmail.fr

Georgia Ward

Early February featured a shoot with Georgia Ward (previously featured on my film blog in the article 'One to Watch'). After our initial photo shoot for the article, I was keen to get Georgia back in front of the camera as there is something about the way she moves in front of the lens. Georgia and I had been in talks about her desire to make the move into the modelling arena and as such set aside some time to shoot some basics for her portfolio.

Georgia's Credits

Instagram: @georgemakeupartistry
Web: www.facebook.com/georgemakeupartistry
Bookings: @georgemakeup@iinet.net.au


I was also fortunate enough to travel to Singapore for 3 days in Mid-February, to photograph the graduation of students at the Murdoch University, Singapore Campus.

Due to baggage restrictions, and a desire to pack light, I took only my Polaroid 600 camera to continue my 365 Days of Polaroid Project whilst traveling. Despite a busy working schedule, I did manage to get out and about on my days off however, and snapped some images that I really feel captured my downtime in Singapore. I even managed to get a shot of my friend and model Cheryl 'Cherry' Choe. My Polaroid was loaded with 600 Black and Red Duochrome Impossible film at the time.

For the curious, the rest of my Polaroids can be viewed under the '365 - instant' section of the Projects tab.

You can view the rest of the 1st Quarter Highlights In Part Two, which is out now, and features models Billy-Jo Lowe, Lauren Garnett and Kira Andrews.