1st Quarter Highlights Pt.2

This section continues on from '1st Quarter Highlight Pt. 1' and outlines the highlights and work conducted over the period of March.


It's crazy to think about it but as of April 10th I will be opening up my first online print sales! So keep an eye out for the PRINTS tab on my menu! I have a heap of images ready for sale, both with and without frames and a whole range of prices.

Keep your eyes peeled!

The Mystery Shoot Challenge

It will come as no surprise to those who have been following my work for the past few months that I recently began my Mystery Shoot Challenge Project in early March. This commenced a continuing series of photo shoots determined at random from three separate categories. Due to the length of this project I won't go into further detail here but you can keep up to date on the project via the previous related articles 'Mystery Shoot Challenge: Explanation and Combination 1', ' Mystery Shoot #1 - Among the Stones: Pre-Production' and 'MSC #1 - Among the Stones'. All of which are available for reading in the film blog section of the projects tab.

Bear in mind that 'Among the Stones' is a NSFW art-nude shoot and is not recommended for those under 18 years.


"With stars in her eyes and hope in her heart"

I've never been able to put words to how it is like working with someone with whom you just click so well creatively. With an accent like silk and enough talent to sink a ship, working with Billy-Jo is always an amazing and pleasant experience. It's always a struggle for the two of us to work together due to clashing schedules, however we managed to find a matching evening and decided to really push our usual styles into something vastly different to our usual collaborations.

Billy really 'lights up the night' in this adventure through neon and ambient light. Especially impressive was how easily she pulled off modelling in full view of the general public on such a busy night.

Billy-Jo's Credits

Instagram: @billyjolowe
Bookings: billyjolowe@gmail.com

Lauren Garnett

As march drew to a close I was able to squeeze in a shoot with a new model who caught my attention after I saw some of her instagram shots, doing runway for Saph Swimwear. Lauren and I caught up on a stormy and overcast afternoon and despite battling the weather I was able to capture some gorgeous images of this up and coming young professional.

Lauren's Credits

Instagram: @laurenxgarnett
Bookings: laurengarnett23@gmail.com

Kira Andrews

My final photo shoot for March was with one of my regular models, Kira Andrews. I tend to photograph Kira nude quite often as she is always so keen to push the boundaries of her work, and as such usually winds up as my guinea pig for any ideas I want to try out. This time around we joined forces at Coogee Beach and Kira bravely explored the demolished docks during high tide. I love how raw and natural these images feel. But you be the judge.

Kira's Credits

Instagram: @kira_anneandrews
Web: www.facebook.com/KiraAnneAndrews
Bookings: kiraanneandrews@gmail.com

And that's it for March.