2nd Quarter Highlights

Now that we are in the 3rd quarter of the year, its time to look back at the April - June period. Over the last three months I feel like I've achieved a much more coherent direction with the process of my personal work, through both technical development and personal exploration.

April saw the publication of the Black Swan photo shoot in Hunter Creative, an online creative forum "... for photographers, makeup artists, stylists, models, body painters and hair stylists to come together and work together as a team...". I also caught up with Model Tiana Lee Campbell on several different projects, one in the beautiful Australian bush with hair and makeup by Bronwyn Gillespie, and the second with clothing from Lock and Key.

Tiana with Makeup by Lozpic Artistry with Apparel from Lock and Key clothing.

May saw my work take on a more technical exploration as I spent a few weeks exploring the Perth CBD after dark, working on a set of custom shooting modes to improve my portrait workflow, producing an article on the pitfalls of Polaroid photography and how to avoid them, and also beginning a new portrait mini-series Morning Monochrome with Georgia Ward.

June featured a second Morning Monochrome photo shoot with Lucy Molloy before I set off for my adventure in Ontario, Canada!

As for the coming months? It is looking to be turning up a notch as we get closer to August with a lot of days to be spent photographing college graduates and families. I also have a few experiments to try out and some new cameras to show you!

So keep reading and if you think there is another aspect of my work or process you would like to hear about, or even if you just like reading these posts, leave a comment in the section below!