City Nights. Fringe Lights

As you can no doubt see by the myriad of gel shoots I've been adding to my portfolio as well as some other previous work, I have a slight obsession with coloured lights at night. 

As such when Fringe Festival came to town I knew I wanted to get some faces out there in amongst the neon lights (and other insane lighting set ups that were being created). So out went the casting call, and of course who should put their hand up? None other than the wonderful Jessie (who returns to the front of the camera after our last creation 'Jessie VS the EE100').

Needless to say, it was a yes from me.

..... Okay more of a giant 'Yassssss'. But I digress.

We queued up a date to shoot and when that evening rolled around, we met up to shoot.


The night began in the heart of the entertainment district, just outside the giant LED screen at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art). I was pretty unhappy with this location after a few minutes as we really didn't get consistent light or colour from the screen and there was A LOT of foot traffic to deal with in the background. I managed to snag the above shot however which I'm not too unhappy with.

Quickly moving on our next location was a vast improvement. Especially considering it was a little alley way off the back of a coffee shop/restaurant. The lighting combining with Jessie's ability to move gave us some great images. (Some of my favourites below)

After the alley we wandered up to the local Timezone (a type of arcade for the non-Australians). It was pretty cramped shooting, with a lot of fighting reflections to ensure I wasn't getting a glowing line through the middle of Jessie's face. But we got some fun shots.

The Old Shanghai food court was our fourth stop on our little light tour. We had walked past it on the way to the arcade but we had pushed it back for use with the next outfit (pictured below). We also grabbed a few shots out front of the nearby Club X's giant neon sign. These two spots yielded probably my favourites for the whole night.

A finally to wrap up the night we hit up Ben and Jerry's for some icecream to use with our shots outside of, you guessed it, the Ice Cream Factory Pop-up Bar (which devastatingly DOESNT SELL ICE CREAM! Boo-urns right?) Hilarity ensued due to expression experiments whilst consuming ice cream I swear we're not children, but I was laughing so hard at points I was on the verge of tears. We also got some very puzzled/ curious expressions from some of the nearby blokes.