February 2019 - Creative Update

It’s been a while since my last post. Mainly I’ve been pretty overwhelmed at my new workplace and spending the majority of my free time either recovering or planning my photography session for the next day of work.

I’ll admit I’m feeling some frustration over the fact that a workplace that doesn’t pay overtime but still expects the majority of session planning, concept research and administration work to be done in your own personal time. I’ve also been put in charge recently of session calls, where we give upcoming clients a pre-session call to advise them on the best ways to prepare for a session. As a current “trainee” this is fairly anxiety inducing and I will admit that for the first time in my career I’m working in a job that actively gives me panic attacks at the end of the day.

I’m still house hunting at the moment as The House of Love is, to put it simply, just too far away and too noisy. While it has been wonderful living with my housemates 4 hour round trips to work on public transport combined with 3 people who never sleep (and a pair who enjoy cooking from 3am -5am on worknights) means that this is no longer a productive place for me to be.

Physically the transition in my new contract has been demanding as well, experiencing some serious back strain from all the up and down and laying on the floor with small children for up to 10 hrs per day. While I’ve seen a physio for some helpful exercises it just puts one more stress on the mind.

Sophie and I have been contemplating adding a third to our semi-regular dinners, as we’ve discovered another somewhat lost soul to the city of Melbourne without a social circle. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

With my back on the mend however and a lack of distraction from Netflix and Animelab I’ve revisted a few previous photo-sets for some favourites!

With some free time I was finally able to devote some much needed attention to the bodyscape shoot I did with the marvellous Sophie months ago!

And of course I couldn’t help posting just one more form my shoot with the adorable Liesel!

However I also finally went through some images from a never before seen shoot I did way back with ‘Scarlett Web’