Get The Red Out!

I posted briefly on social media about this topic but I feel it really deserves a proper post.


Now from my post we all know that the colour red holds the attention of the viewer most effectively. But most people don't realise that it goes even further than this, with saturation and brightness playing a key role.

A bright or 'neon' red is far more attention grabbing than a dark red or maroon. Also the larger the area of pure colour the greater the effect (such as the above tracksuit from my original FACEBOOK post). Compare for yourself.

Now compare the effect between a solid block of bright red against a red accessory.

The difference in impact is obvious isn't it? A red accessory still grabs the attention but doesn't seem to hold your gaze as long as a big solid block of colour like a jumper or jacket.

So the next time you're trying to draw the viewers gaze toward a certain person or object, or even in a specific direction (leading lines) try to keep in mind that you can take advantage of colour in order to do so!