Mystery Shoot #2 - Selena in the Woods

So its finally here!

The next installment of my Mystery Shoot Challenge. It has been a while since the first shoot for this project ('Among the Stones'). Due mostly to some health issues and a healthy amount of traveling, not to mention the other projects that are currently in motion.

For those who are wondering "What is the Mystery Shoot Challenge?" or "What the heck is this guy even talking about?!" you can read the original project brief and outline HERE.

Now. From this point onward I will assume that you are familiar with the basic premise behind this project (or have now gone and read the original brief via the included link).

For the second shoot in the MSC (Mystery Shoot Challenge) I drew out the following parameters;

Location: Rural / Isolated Road
Film Type: Medium Format (Colour)
Wardrobe / Theme: Pink & Orange Jumpsuit

So the brief was to shoot something in an isolated area with some form of road, in medium format (120) colour film with an outfit originally suggested by a friend (that I had yet to see). I immediately knew where I wanted to shoot this. There has always been a ranger / fire - access road that I drove past every time I traveled through the hills near Perth. I knew that it would likely be deserted during winter and that it would have a good variety of angles / way to experiment.

As for which camera I would use, I really only had one choice as I only have a single medium format camera (The Bronica ETRSii). Thankfully I wasn't restricted on lens choice so I knew I would pack both my 40mm and 75mm lenses. With wardrobe already decided, and having to work with whatever the outfit looked like, I knew that the outfit sizes was a much more important detail.

Once I was updated as to the outfit size (essentially size 8+ due to it being a jumpsuit) and style, I turned to considering the makeup style. I wanted to go with something bright and bold on the eyes to tie in with the jumpsuit itself, in essence making the eyes the 'focus' of the face (sorry puns), and keeping the rest simple.

Once I had decided on a date with the makeup artist (Laura Kelly from Miss Lemony Makeup Artistry), I set out a casting call for a model. I wanted someone different from the type of model that I normally shoot. I wanted someone on whom the outfit would stand out, but who would not look out of place in the setting. In the end I settled on Selena Isobel, a stunning raven haired beauty, with the most gorgeous olive skin.

With our team assembled we set out shoot for the afternoon of the 14th of July and went about creating.