Storm Portraits - May Mini-Shoot

This particular collaboration has been in the works for quite a while. I originally came across Brooke's online profile through a mutual friend. I knew immediately that Brooke was someone I wanted to work with. Despite opposing schedules and clashing availability, we were finally able to line up a time to shoot that worked for both of us.

During the session, I was finally able to test out some custom camera settings I have been developing for the past few weeks. 90% of the images you see here have undergone extremely minimal Photoshop (just curves and levels adjustments for the conversion from RAW to Jpeg).

Despite having to dodge the intermittent storm showers, howling winds, and relocating to a more sheltered area which limited our range of locations, Brooke performed wonderfully and allowed me to capture some seriously gorgeous images of her.

With flawless skin and the ability to comfortably free-style her posing Brooke is definitely a model worth booking. I would say her greatest asset is how Brooke's entire look changes depending on how her face is posed, giving an uncommon versatility.

Brooke's Credits

Instagram: @brooke_mcilwaine