Storm Portraits - May Mini-Shoot

"storm showers and howling winds" - with Brooke Mcilwaine

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Sundown - May Mini-Shoot

Essentially a mini-shoot is any collaborative, on-location, photo-shoot that takes 1 hr or less..... This is what we created.

Featured Model: Caitlin Gerken

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1st Quarter Highlights Pt.2

I've never been able to put words to how it is like working with someone with whom you just click so well creatively...

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1st Quarter Highlights Pt. 1

As we pass the first quarter of the year and move into the second,  I wanted to look back on what we've achieved as well as release some unseen film images and announce some exciting developments for April and beyond.

Part 1 features Models Amy Parin, Lola Sisinni, Georgia Ward and Cheryl 'Cherry' Choe

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