The House of Love Pt 3.

For the last two weeks things here in 'The House of Love' have been a lot more sedate than the previous weeks. As such I've been a little behind posting on weeks 3 and 4. If you haven't been keeping up to date with this series, you should read Part 1 & Part 2 before doing so. Or just go ahead and read this anyway. Not like I can stop you.

Week 3 was my birthday week!

I spent Day 15 writing 'The House of Love Pt. 2' and doing office work.

Day 16 (Tuesday the 15th) was my birthday (Yay!). Getting up super early to catch a bus into Princess Hill, I caught with my friend Elle, who had also moved to Melbourne this year, for Breakfast at Naughty Boys' Café. The Café was pretty awesome and had some good items to choose from. I would up getting something with bacon (I cant remember what exactly) and Elle got a Hash Benny, which I will definitely have to get next time I'm there. After breakfast I walked with Elle (in the pouring rain) to her work and then headed into the city so as not to spend the rest of my birthday parked on the couch. 

As it was my birthday I had a little wander among my favourite backstreets as well as Federation Square, before heading over the bridge to the National Gallery of Victoria (one of my favourite places in Australia because of their stained glass ceiling area) to look at the new exhibits, before taking a stroll in the park across the road.

Images from Day 16 Below;

I can't remember Day 18 (My bad).

Day 17 I shot with Zelulah Star Lily (yes that is her actual name) in Carlton Gardens for some fashion-y type shots. It was my first proper shoot since moving to Melbourne so I'll admit I was a bit nervous at first but once we started it was just like every other shoot.

Day 19 was a belated birthday celebration with Sophie Sparrow at Papa Gino's with Pizza and two different desserts!

And on Day 20 I got to work with Rhianna, a cosplayer I've been following on Instagram and talking with for almost a year. Rhi was super fun to work with and had some great natural energy. She is definitely one of those people who you can't take the camera off. Her accompanying friend/assistant/fellow cosplayer Kate was also a barrel of laughs (we bonded over overalls, spoiler alert Kate's were Harry Potter themed) and managed to bring out some excellent expressions in Rhi. No Cosplay theme for the shoot, but there will definitely need to be some when I hit up OZ Comicon later this month.

Overall just wasn't as happy with my level of productivity. Hopefully that's just a lay-over from moving from seeing 'busy-ness' as a necessity of success and moving on to being actually productive (or playing above the line). I also find shoots pretty emotionally and psychologically draining, contrary to popular belief. Mainly because I'm not actually super outgoing anymore and it takes a lot of energy to keep the shoot energy and 'vibe' focused, fun, positive AND creative.

Shameless Photography Plug

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