The House of Love Pt 4.

The House of Love Pt. 4 follows on from The House of Love Parts 1, 2 & 3. For the greatest understanding , both of what is going on as well as why I'm taking certain images, make sure to read those preceding chapters first before continuing this article. For those who have already read the rest of this series; read on.

Week 4 was essentially when everything finally began to catch up to me. Both physically and emotionally. As anyone will tell you, moving is stressful, and since I had managed to fully move in and kit out my room with everything it needed (bed, desk, heater, clothes rack) I was no longer quite so enslaved to my daily 'to-do' list and could take it a bit slower.

BIG MISTAKE. Basically as soon as I gave myself a day off the existential dread seeped in. Like slowly rising water, more time I devoted to less physical activities, such as emailing agencies and attempting to expand my professional networks, the more I had time to think about less pleasant things. Like the fact I would be missing my nephew's first birthday, that I'm a miles away from the people I care about most, that I'm essentially starting over again in the industry (thankfully with a much greater skillset and business experience than the first time) and that I'm living in a city where everything I do requires much greater planning because I'm not as familiar with how everything works. 

This meant that I basically spent the week answering and sending emails, networking online, eating badly and watching television. It's not quite so bad as that, I had some meetings to go to and spent one of my nights wandering around the city and Southern Cross train station where I got some interesting black and white images.

Here are some images from that day; (as always click on the images you wish to view full size)

I also spent a day wandering around Parliament station, the Treasury Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens;

Before wandering back through the city in search of something interesting. What I got was Graffiti Lane and a boat load of tourists. But hey, all is fair in love, war and photography. I've noticed after a few trips to Melbourne (and this lane in particular) that I'm seeing less and less actual art graffiti and more and more wall to wall 'tagging'. Am I the only one saddened by this? The best 'tag' I saw is in photograph 2. The reason why I consider this the best is that the tag itself incorporated and took advantage of the wall texture and outcropped sections to give it a 3D effect rather than just plastering the tag across the wall. 

The final photo adventure of the week was at the Queen Victoria Markets, I didn't take a lot of images as most stalls were packing up early, but it was good to cross off the list regardless.

Shameless Photography Plug

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