The House of Love Pt.2

This post follows on from 'Journey to: The House of Love' which you should read first if you haven't already, and details week two of my time in my new Melbourne home, The House of Love.

After a relaxing (or mostly relaxing weekend) Day 8 saw me returning to the Melbourne CBD, as I will likely be doing do so often, in order to capture some more images featuring the colour red. This desire was sparked by a particular image I captured on Day 5 (but forgot to post) which was a young woman in a red tracksuit. 

So enjoy a short little section of bonus images from Day 5 here;

Returning to Day 8, however, I just wasn't coming across as much that caught my eye. I managed to capture a few interesting subjects featuring the colour red but mostly I wasn't feeling as inspired. Combine this with just not feeling as great in general meant I came away with less images than usual. I still feel I was able to capture some interesting images, including some pictures of the adorable Hank (the giant one year old puppy), and a few impromptu portraits (click to view the full image).

Day 9 is a bit of a blur.  Pretty sure I spent all of it doing emails.

Day 10 I woke up to find Chelsea (Drue's Partner) had arrived in the night, after some back and forth she announced she was going to join me on my trip into the city and tag along on some photo-walking. After 2 hours of waiting for the bus (public transport strikes turned out to be the issue) we finally made it into the city.

I will admit it was really strange and slightly uncomfortable having someone along while I did street photography (someone who wasn't also taking their own photos), as I don't usually work with an audience, and I prefer to try and be as invisible as possible (and having a side-kick makes you feel anything but). Also she got bored a bit and didn't seem to grasp that yes what I was doing probably would be boring for anyone else (sorry if you're reading this Chels, nothing personal).

But we broke it up by wandering inside the malls (something I don't normally do a lot of because of photography restrictions) and enjoying some bowling and laser tag at STRIKE.

I still got some interesting shots after returning to Elizabeth St and Centre Place as well as so less planned street shots. As always click to view the full images.

Day 11 I was meant to go see INFINITY WAR  with a group of people organised by my friend Sophie. After a lot of changes, a few of the group decided the couldn't be bothered coming to the city anymore and chose to head to a cinema down the road (which I had to bail on because there was no way for me to make it to the other spot in time). I ended up catching the movie earlier at the originally planned location (Spoiler, It's awesome) and wandering around Carlton taking photos. 

Got some moody shots of the buildings in Carlton Gardens as well as just near the IMAX. The banana I found and captured in place because I simply couldn't stop laughing. It was a perfectly good banana, just laying the rain. The F1 Marlboro car I spied in Carlton's 'Little Italy' area, just hanging out (literally) in a pizzeria.

Day 12 Pretty sure I spent all of it curled up inside next to Rufio (the cat) as the house got slammed with a torrent of rain and hail. Main win of the day is that the bungalow (where I sleep) didn't flood, even though  the whole thing looks like a strong breeze could push it over (although apparently not).

Day 13 was a little nicer. And I had already felt like I'd wasted enough days inside over the week. Plus I still hadn't made it down to St Kilda, where I've been wanting to return to since my last Melbourne trip in 2016. I love to photograph Luna Park as I have always felt there's something just not quite 'right' about the Luna Park Face. Something much darker behind the supposedly cheerful entrance. Some commentary on the manic energy / false happiness in the concept of a park purely for 'amusements'. Laughing at our feeble attempts to distract from our meaningless lives.

It was also great to get a look at the finished Palais Theatre, which was either derelict or under reconstruction every other time I've seen it over the years. Really happy to see it return.

It was pretty windy but thankfully only one real shower occurred (while I was down on the beachfront). I spent a few hours wandering around before having lunch and jumping on a tram back to the city. To do some location scouting around Centre Place for a shoot. Below are some candid street captures from the city.

Day 14 I spent editing, sleeping and emailing. Don't ever let anyone tell you being a freelance photographer is all champagne and parties (well hey sometimes it is but usually its because your working there).

Shameless Photography Plug

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